Nesting Safe

Providing tools to monitor turtle nesting events to anticipate where and when hatchlings will emerge


Nesting Safe provides advanced technology solutions, that simplify environmental data collection, to quantify and support the impact of turtle conservation initiatives


Designed for researchers, site managers and conservation organizations who require a professional state-of-the-art nest monitoring system:
  • Complete digital solution for data collection
  • Monitoring teams can visualize nest information on demand
  • Standardizes nest monitoring data for publication quality
  • Optimize resources and save time for greater impact on conservation initiatives



Concealed RADio Activated Localization

Collect in-nest environmental data

Unique ID for each nest

Clutch traceability

Nest relocation


Designed to endure rugged conditions

On-demand data access

High-precision Nest location

Customized beach preferences

Sync all data to Nesting database


Records and stores nest information

Share secure data with ease

Convert false crawls (NNE) to nests

OffLine syncing fonctionnality for data storage

Our Team


John has over 36 years of experience in Offshore shellfish production technology, submerged longline operations, and helping producers become more efficient in managing the growth and commercial quality of their entire operation to scale up profitably. He completed his PhD in Marine Ecology & Coastal Oceanography with application to shellfish production systems to improve productivity and yield while reducing time to market. John has worked internationally as advisor, graduate co-director, conferencee, founder of several companies in Canada and Norway, and innovator with many publications regarding offshore aquaculture and ecology. John’s international field experience in biological production in marine and terrestrial systems in over 60 states on 5 continents molded his ability to match client pain points with innovative technologies.

John Bonardelli


Marc graduated from École de Technologie Supérieure in electrical engineering. Throughout his studies, he specialized in telecommunications and programming, which directed him to the field of the Internet of Things. During his university experience, he was part of the board of directors and the executive council of his student association and has participated in several projects and inter-university engineering competitions. His ability to combine technical engineering, project management and finances led him to found his first company in 2016. As cofounder at GroundUp Data technologies, Marc perfectly translates technology requirements so our team of engineers can develop innovative products that meet client needs.

Marc Larin


René is the lead software developer of our team. He graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal in Aerospace engineering. He enjoys his position at Nesting Safe because of the great work environment, which gives him the opportunity to learn something new everyday. Prior to working for Nesting Safe, René worked as a freelance consultant for software development and architecture. In addition to this, he completed an internship at Pratt & Whitney in statistical process control and a second internship at SITONAIR in mobile development. René has also been a member of multiple organizations over the years, including the Student Committee In Aerospace Engineering and Oronos Polytechnique. During his free time he enjoys playing board and video games, and mastering traditional woodworking. René has the ability to translate big issues into workable milestones so each team member can contribute fully without losing focus.

René Léveillé

Lead Software Developer

Victor is the hardware and embedded team leader at Nesting Safe. He graduated from École de Technologie Supérieure with a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Telecommunications. During his studies in engineering, Victor also took part in multiple student organizations, including ECLIPSE, the solar car from ÉTS and EMUS the Electric Motorcycle from Sherbrooke University. He is currently completing a Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering at the same School. His master thesis is about making the aerospace avionics more performant using software defined radios. He has 6 years of experience as a hardware designer and embedded programmer. He loves the flexibility he has while working at Nesting Safe and is thrilled to make Nesting Safe a leader in the industry of Scientific Remote Instrumentation. He also appreciates the ambiance of the workspace and exchanging with the rest of the team. Victor has the ability to simplify complex problems into bite-size solutions, until every angle has been resolved.

Victor Bursucianu

Lead Hardware Developer

Tristan is a firmware developer here at Nesting safe. He graduated in Electrical engineering and is currently completing his master’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering. He has experience ranging from firmware to the development of mobile applications. Before Nesting Safe, he completed an internship at NYU Wireless in New York for embedded software development, in addition to another internship at Kraze in Paris for front end iOS development. He enjoys working at Nesting Safe because he appreciates the balance between encouraged autonomy and the collaborative environment the company offers. Tristan demonstrates an unwavering determination for problem solving that highlights his enthusiasm for getting the job done well.

Tristan Claré

Firmware Developer

Ariana is the communications coordinator at Nesting Safe. She is currently completing her studies in sociology and marketing at Concordia University. Her sociological focus throughout her studies were primarily related to socio-nature issues. With 6 years of working in the restaurant industry under her belt, she has acquired exceptional and personalized customer service skills. Ariana thoroughly enjoys working at Nesting Safe because of the creative allowance, the independence granted all while having an excellent team dynamic. She feels as though there is a lot of room for growth and improvement in this work environment. Ariana combines her spontaneous inquisitive nature with her ability to focus on the quality of the client experience, and this enthusiasm to learn results in fomenting team spirit and image coherence.

Ariana Castanheiro

Communication Coordinator

Raphael is a software developer intern at Nesting Safe. He is currently completing studies in Electrical engineering at ETS, with a specialization for programming. Raphael also completed an internship in Cascades Groupe Tissu last year. He is excited to be doing an internship at Nesting Safe because of the opportunity to learn from more experienced developers. He also appreciates what the company stands for and the impact it has on environmental issues that he holds close to his heart. Raphaël demonstrates an enthusiastic ability to work with diligent focus until every code line meets the requirements of the process, and will not relinquish one iota til the execution is perfect.

Raphael Barriault

Software Developer

Martin is a firmware developer intern at Nesting Safe. He is currently pursuing studies in Electronics and Computer Engineering. He specializes in embedded systems, and began his studies at INSA Toulouse. Curious to discover the operations of a startup company, he also hopes to continue his training in the development of embedded systems. He appreciates the opportunity offered by Nesting Safe, and enjoys the experience shared by the rest of his team, while evolving in a warm and dynamic atmosphere. Motivated and sensitive to the values of the company, he never hesitates to maximize his efforts to carry out the tasks assigned to him.

Martin Cousserans

Firmware Developer

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